Free Printer Service with PeakToner

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PeakToner is our own custom brand of toner cartridges. When you buy toner cartridges from us, high quality toner isn’t all you get. The PeakToner warranty includes everything needed to protect your printer. That means printer repair, preventative maintenance, parts, labor, IT services and onsite printer repair are all free with purchase.

We prefer PeakToner in our own printers and we know you will too!

Is PeakToner right for my business?

PeakToner toner cartridges are compatible with many brands, including HP laser printers. If you have a specific brand and would like to receive toner supply service, feel free to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

We do require your business have at least 5 printers to receive our inclusive PeakToner service. The printers can either be in the same location or spread out over multiple locations. As long as your business meets the minimum, we are able to provide full printer service.

We don’t use complicated contracts. Simply order the toner you need and get free printer services. It’s that easy!

PeakToner Benefits:

  • High quality at an affordable cost – We only use the best quality materials in our printers, that’s why we developed PeakToner. With the same price as other major toner brands, our inclusive professional printer service makes it all the more worth it!

  • Free onsite printer repair – All the repairs you need, including parts, at no cost! We help minimize downtime with fast onsite repairs. Our printer service technicians are ready to deliver prompt and friendly service whenever you need.

  • Free printer maintenance – Our printer service technicians will make sure your printers are at top performance to help prevent surprise malfucntions.

  • Free loaner printers – In the rare case your printer takes longer than expected to be repaired, we will provide your office with a printer to use in the meantime.
  • Free replacement – When a printer is beyond repair, we are happy to replace it for you.

Printer running low? We will deliver to you!

Making service easy and transparent for our customers is something we take pride in as a company. Forget about hidden fees or monthly quotas. Order what you need, when you need it and we will have your new toner cartridges delivered at your convenience.

Feeling too busy to remember when to order? We offer an automated ordering program! Contact us to discuss a custom plan for your unique businesses printing needs.

No need to call anyone else. We will handle all your printer repairs and maintenance with inclusive local printer service!

As included with your purchase of PeakToner, our expert printer service technicians are available to take excellent care of your printers. Call or send us a message when a printer needs repair and we will dispatch a printer technician to get your printer up and running.

Preventative maintenance for your printers is also included when you order PeakToner. Our technicians will give your printer a thorough inspection and carry out any upgrades or cleaning needed. We come equipped with ready to use maintenance kits for fast replacement parts and repairs.

Free Replacement Printers & Upgrades

Eventually, printers wear to a state beyond repair. Sometimes a printer is simply outdated and doesn’t offer what a business needs. Either way – with PeakToner, you are totally covered! We will replace or upgrade your old printer at no cost.

Contact us to order PeakToner today! Use the Service Area button below to find printer service near you. Our customer service team is ready to take any questions you may have.

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